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Toy Monster Truck
Customized Toy Monster Truck with LED lights attached for night use.
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Thank You for making Toy Monster Truck a huge success for my son & myself, we appreciate all the fans this site has attracted. He loves seeing "his toy monster trucks" on the Internet. We're hoping to sell a few items here or there to help keep the site going strong. Between work, parenting, and life, we will try to find more time to update this site for all of you Toy Monster Truck fans.

We will be adding new photos of some of the newest Monster Jam® toy monster trucks we have picked up lately. We also started buying a few of the larger 1/32 toy monster trucks as well.(very cool & fun) Thanks again. TMT

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Welcome to Toy Monster Truck.
Here we offer tips and ideas for playing with Toy Monster Trucks. I am somewhat of a fanatic when it comes to playing trucks with my son. We watch Monster Jam on T.V and then we play Freestyle with our own toy monster trucks. If you're like me it can be a little boring just playing with the trucks alone. So like any creative person, we make jumps, and tracks for our monster trucks. In hopes that they may pull off the "Move of the Night."

Toy Monster Truck Website offers:

  • Toy Monster Truck Photo Guide
  • Pictures of Monster Jam Toy Trucks
  • Toy Monster Truck Ramps
  • Customized Toy Monster Trucks
  • Toy Truck Tracks & Layouts
  • Do It Yourself Playing Tips
  • Every toy truck we get, we take a picture of it and post it in the photo section. So check back now & then for new updates.

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    Custom Toy Trucks

    I told you I was a fanatic. I personally take apart or tape off the diecast trucks, so that I can make new paint jobs & create new character names. It takes a little bit of work, but it's pretty cool to make your own toy monster trucks, plus my son loves them. The above is a toy monster truckwe named "Sting Ray" (Formerly the Bounty Hunter Truck) We add a few extra details to the rims & chassis to make the trucks a little bit different from the standard store bought trucks.

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