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Toy Monster Truck "How To" & Tips

You have the power to move Vader



Monster Jam Double Ramp

This is our double ramp. It is two Fly Wheels ramps placed back to back. This gives us awesome ramp to ramp action.

Hot Wheels Monster Jam Track Rampis

This was a recent ramp we purchased.

Custom Track

This is actually window channel which we converted into Toy Monster Truck track. The trucks fit perfectly into the track which make for some fun races or ramp to ramp action.

Toy Trucks Track to Ramp

Monster Track in action. We used a lil duct tape to make clean transitions from piece to piece.

Monster Jam Crash & Smash Stadium - Kinda fun... its more fun to jump the trucks into the stadium and see who can land right side up after impact. 2 truck max at a time.

Monster Jam Toy Truck Trailer

How else can your Monster Jam Trucks get to any event? A Monster Truck Trailer. These are actually pretty old, but had to come out of storage for my son's benefit.

Proud Monster Truck Owner

Proud Owner of


This is the type of LED I used to light some of the plastic body trucks. You can use any LED / battery pack assembly, as long as it fits inside the body.

Its a Jeep Thing